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i-SITE Visitor Centres provide a fantastic way to share your business or organisation with millions of visitors a year.

  • In 2019, Kiwi's visited an i-SITE 3.3m times.
  • Pre-Covid, around 38% of international visitors to New Zealand used an i-SITE - that's over 4.3m visits annually. Once borders reopen expect them to use the i-SITE network once again.
  • Over half of those say that i-SITEs influenced their decision making.
  • In 2019, we facilitated nearly $300 million in visitor spending each year.

i-SITE Visitor Centres are an important part of the distribution channel for tourism businesses. Make contact with your local i-SITE centre and talk to them about advertising and displaying your brochure.

i-SITE New Zealand also has an online booking portal, provided by third-party Bookit, a New Zealand owned and operated provider. Accommodation and activity suppliers can register with Bookit to sell their product via this channel.

Here are a few tips on working with your local i-SITE Centre:

  • Get to know your local i-SITE team.
    • Arrange a meeting with each centre manager in your region to introduce your product, experience or service and find out how you can work together.
  • Give the i-SITE staff an opportunity to try out your product, experience or service for themselves.
    • It's much easier for them to tell visitors about it if they have first-hand knowledge!
  • Share details about your ideal markets and audiences.
    • That'll help our i-SITE staff introduce your product, experience or service to the people most likely to try it and enjoy it.
  • Provide a clear pricing structure and keep your i-SITE updated if it changes.
    • You'll also need to confirm a commission rate for bookings any i-SITE Visitor Centre makes on your behalf.
  • Ask about any other advertising opportunities that i-SITE can help you with.
    • Your local i-SITE Visitor Information Centres might have websites you can list on. Your local Regional Tourism Organisation (RTO) might, too. Find your local RTO here.  
  • Drop by your i-SITEs regularly to resupply brochures and to chat with staff about what's happening.
    • You can tell them what's new with you, and they can let you know what's happening with the visitor scene generally. It's also a great chance to introduce yourself to new staff members.
  • Update i-SITE on any changes to your product, experience or service.
    • That could include prices or operating hours. If you're an accommodation provider, give them an update on what your room availability is like.
  • Always provide a good point of contact, particularly for short-notice inquiries.
    • Often an i-SITE staff member might need to get in touch with you when talking with a customer. If they can get a hold of you easily, that will mean more bookings for you!

Want to know more? Drop by or contact your local i-SITE, or ask us for more advice.

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