Camping Responsibly

If you're looking to explore New Zealand for a bit, camping can be a good way to keep your costs down and to feel closer to nature.
But there are a few things you should do to make sure things are kept safe and clean.

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Learn where it's okay to camp

There are lots of places to camp throughout New Zealand, in campgrounds and holiday parks, Department of Conservation campsites and in designated freedom camping spots.

If you need advice on a camping spot, or want to know where it's okay to freedom camp, an isite Visitor Information Centre or DOC Visitor Centre will help you out.

Get the owner's permission before camping on private property

Not sure if the land is public or private? It's best to find somewhere you know is okay to camp. An isite Visitor Information Centre can help with this.

Be considerate with your toileting

Unless your campsite has toilet and bathroom facilities, you'll need to have your own on-board toilet and fresh water systems. (And if you do have an on-board toilet, be sure to empty it at a legal dump station!)

Dispose of your litter and waste responsibly

Help us care for New Zealand. Please dispose of litter in a proper rubbish bin, or take it with you until you can find one.

For more camping advice, visit your local isite and DOC visitor centre or check out

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The website tells you lots more about camping, including details on where you can camp. You can also download camping apps which will help guide you on your travels.

Visit the website

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