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You'll quickly discover that New Zealand is a special, precious place - and it's worth keeping that way.
That's what the Tiaki Promise is about. It's a commitment to care for New Zealand, for now and for future generations.

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We want all our visitors to feel like they're now a part of New Zealand, too. You can do that by following the Tiaki Promise. By making a commitment to act as a guardian, protecting and preserving New Zealand.

The Tiaki Promise

While travelling in New Zealand, I will...

Care for land, sea and nature,
treading lightly and leaving no trace

Travel safely, showing care
and consideration for all

Respect culture, travelling
with an open heart and mind

Some simple ways for how to do this


Find out more about Tiaki at Tiaki New Zealand or your local isite

TNZ118835 Mount Maunganui Bay Of Plenty Fraser Clements

Show your support for Tiaki, and share your promise.

Visit the Tiaki New Zealand website

"We have just returned from an absolutely fantastic holiday in your brilliant country, and we wanted to give our sincere thanks to your teams in the various isites we used."
- Tim and Annie Clement , South Wales, UK
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